September 19, 2017
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Leadership DNA - What Does It Take to Be A Good Leader?
Leadership DNA - What Does It Take to Be A Good Leader?

Leadership isn’t about the title someone holds. True leadership is defined by a person’s ability to motivate, influence and persuade others to action. Good leadership is about modeling positive behaviors and setting an example for others. Below are a few behaviors great leaders have in common:

1. They create a vision and provide direction. Leaders get others excited about the future. They create a compelling vision, get others engaged and are able to foster commitment into action. Leaders set challenging goals and inspire others to do things that they never thought were possible.
2. They are self-aware. Effective leaders have a strong sense of who they are – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limitations. They proactively seek feedback from others and use this for self-improvement and development.
3. They identify and select great talent! Good leaders know they can’t do it alone and need a team to realize their vision. These leaders look for exceptional talent and individuals who complement them in areas where they are not as strong. They are not intimidated by working with people who are smarter than them. Good leaders understand that talented people make things happen – and working around talented people is contagious!
4. They are relationship builders. Great leaders replace independence with interdependence. They build strong connections and relationships within organizations as well as outside of them. They encourage people to work together and capitalize on the unique skillsets and differences each of them brings. They find common ground by connecting everyone to their shared vision and get everyone moving in the same direction.
5. They model the right behaviors. Their actions are consistent with what they say. They demonstrate through their own behaviors how they expect others to behave. Good leaders influence others through what they do, not by what they say.

Great leaders are successful because they have people who are willing to follow them, not because of power or a title they may have. The true meaning of leadership is about positively impacting, inspiring and influencing action in others.